C-DOG has been a Santa Cruz local for over 20 years. Born in Maryland and lived in England for over 5 years he calls himself a dreamer and a entrepreneur. After C-DOG moved to Santa Cruz, he fell in love with cannabis 18 years ago. He has been dabbing for over a decade now! A while back, C-DOG grew tired of being ripped off by the local head shops, so he set out to find a better way to buy glass. In doing so, he found out that he could get a better deal on glass if he buys in bulk. This also allows him the chance to check each piece to make sure it works properly and hits well. After he makes his deal, C-DOG was able to pass the savings on to his friends. So the entrepreneur that he is, C-DOG has started this web page to help others find dank ass rigs for a good price that he guarantees will work and hit fat!